AquaShield BSW

A pre-applied Waterproofing System Membrane designed for horizondal and vertical external blind-side waterproofing applications. The system is composed of formulated select blend of high performance elastometic Styrene-Butadiene- Styrene modified bitumen combined with the UHS reinforcement and coated with specially engineered silicon dioxide.

• Blind-side (where excavation and access are limited)
• Below-grade structures
• Under concrete slabs
• Retaining walls (positive side)
• Tunnels & underpasses

• Value engineering system
• Eliminates the need for concrete screed on the horizontal substrate
• Eliminates the need for protection board on the vertical substrate
• Allows for optinal design considerations for the use of waterstop
• Excellent protection against water infiltration at critical locations
• Superior mechanical properties
• Resistant to chemicals (Chloride, Sulphate and PH level between 2 and 10)
• Remarkable adhesion to structural poured concrete
• Outstanding resistance to Hydrostatic Pressure
• Homogeneous, fully sealed system on overlaps
• Non-Permeable to vapor and gas
• Fast & easy installation
• No ideateonal accessories nor ancillary material required