AquaShield PPO

AquaShield PPO is a self-adheresive waterproofing membrane. AquaShield PPO is composed of one thick HDPE backing layer, an aggressive pressure sensitive adheresive and reafficable weather resistant protective granular coating, the unique membranes realizes firm bonding to poured concrete, so that prevents water ingress or migration.

• Underground structure
• Tunnel and Culvert

• Pre-applied:
Forms continous and reliable physical bond to the poured concrete against it, which prevents water
migration and reduces possibility of being affected by below-grade structure settlement
• Loosely-laid into slabs:
requiring no priming of fillets
• Trafficable weather resistant adhesive side:
Can receive pedestrain or traffic immediately after application and makes convenient for subsequent
placing of reinforcement, site contamination is easy to be removed.
• Superior physical & cheminal property:
Shock and puncture resistance, can withstand heavy duty loading, protect structure from salts and
sulphate attack
• No butt joints:
All joints have bonded “selvedge for accurate and easy overlap, to increase leak protection”