AquaSeal W

AquaSeal-W is a clear sealing and waterproofing subsurface membrane which is solvent free, non-toxic, odourless and eco friendly. It is a spray applied colloidal liquid that penetrates the concrete’s surface and reacts with the cement paste matrix to form an insoluble gel sealing pores, capillaries and cracks creating a below surface barrier against water and water borne salts ingress. As long as water is present AquaSeal-W remains active and will seal hairline cracks both present and future.
AquaSeal-W allows the passage of water vapour from the inside of the structure (the concrete breathers) whilst waterproofing / sealing the surface against sea water, ground water, waste water.

• Coastal structures
• Water storage tanks
• Highways, runways, roofs, decks, bridges
• Cut & cover tunnels
• Silos, car parks, swumming pools, precast panels, pepes

• Reduces porosity & permeability
• 100% Trafficable. Slip resistance improved
• Reduces chloride & sulphate penetration by up to 90%
• Prevents concrete cancer/corrosion
• Improves concrete durability
• UV resistant no topping or protection required. Heat reflective membranes may be applied over the to