AquaKote PSB

A high performance, low odour, one-part, fast-curing, high solids,
polyurethane elastomer waterproof membrane. It is specially
formulated for easy roller application of all permanently flexible,
tough, high build, long-life waterproof barriers.

• Wet ares-bathrooms, shower trays, laundries, toilets, spas
• External (non-exposed)- balconies, roof-decks, sill or window flashings, podiums, planters
• Tanking-retaining walls, landscaped area, ponds water features, non-potable water storage
• It can be applied to most stable surfaces-block, brick, concrete, render, timber, CFC, GRC, ALC, etc.

• Easy, fast, high build, one-coat application with brush or roller is possible
• Sumple, seamless, fast-cure membrane
• Excellent chemical resistance, suitable for acid sulphate soils
• Waterproof-resists ponded water
• Permanently flexible-total adhesion
• Single-pack – no mixing, high build