AquaShield Ultraply TPO

AquaShield Ultraply TPO is environmentally friendly roofing system
that combines aesthetics with strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation,
weathering and outstanding seam strength. AquaShield Ultraply TPO
is a flexible Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (FPO) roofing membrane,
made from the incorporation of an ethylene propylene rubber into
a polypropolene matrixand produced with a polyester weft-inserted
reinforecement. The scrim-reinforced membrane combines the
flexibility of rubber with the heat weldability of a thermoplastic into
a sheet with excellent layflat characteristics.

• Exposed roof
• Independents systems in inverted roofs
• Ballasted with fixed and mobile ballast

• Durability, flexibility and versatility
• Economical and easy to install
• Cool roofing matters
• Welded seams for long-lasting preformance
• Eco-Friendly