Z’LifeWall XR

Z’LifeWall XR 20 is an easy-to-install and low-maintenance vertical greening system that allows simple and easy mounting on various mounting options. The system permits different installation and design requirements to be easily accommodated and met with a variety of easy growth media and plant density options.

Z’LifeWall XR 20 trays can be individually removed from their mounts for plant maintenance or design change.

Each Z’LifeWall XR 20 tray has a water reservoir to supplement normal irrigation and help sustain plant growth in dry weather.

Z’LifeWall XR 20 Trays and Mounting Panels are manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene that meets requirements for international “Green Building” certification.


• Planting Media
Allows wide choice of planting media.
• Drainage
Excess water flows into underlying trays and is discharged
at bottommost tray.
• Planting Density
Vertical and horizontal spacing between trays may be varied or trays
staggered for design or to vary plant density.
• Irrigation
Irrigation pipes are easily concealed at the rear or between trays.
• Versatile Mounting
Able to use wide variety of mounting options.
• Mounting Panel
Facilitates DIY installation and easy mounting of trays.
• Direct Mounting
Able to individually mount direct onto Wall using 2 keyholes at back
of tray.
• Soil Volume
Holds 2.15 litre of media the equivalent of 180 mm  diameter
planting pot.
• Tray Width
Wide 200mm tray permits easy planting and allows space for plants to branch
out as they mature.