Z’GrasPave is used primarily for the creation of grass or gravel access pathways for heavy emergency
vehicles and stabilisation of areas such as oveflow parking, home driveways, golf buggy and
equestrian dressage arenas and paths, helicopter landing pads and boat parking rams. It also serves
as a stabilizer for mild slopes and functions as an erosion control measure.

Z’GrasPave is a high strength plastic module designed to containand stabilize grass or decorative
gravel with the ability to withstand heavy loads imposed by emergency vehicles such as fire trucks. It
replaces asphalt and concrete to create permeable surfaces that may be turfed or planted with
ground cover and enable these areas to blend into the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Snap-on connectors allow individual Z’GrasPave modules to interlock with each other ensuring that
they remain in place during and after installation.

Z’GrasPave consists of a network of sturdy porous cells which prevents soil compaction. It has top
and bottom notches with a large open base that allow root and plant runners to spread freely for
vigorous root development and promote healthy plant growth.

Vertical webs at the corners of each individual cell minimise girdling of roots along the interior cell
walls by directing them downward.

Z’GrasPave is made from 100% recycled materials and support Green Building Certification.

• Supports heavy vehicular load
• Reduces erosion and soil migration
• Conforms to uneven surfaces
• Does not hinder root and runner growth
• Easily installed and removed
• Supports Green Building Certification

• Fire engine access lanes
• Residential driveways
• Golf buggy paths
• Pedestrian pathways
• Overflow & street shoulder parking areas
• Racetrack infields and pit areas