Z’Raiser P

Z’Raiser P is a height adjustable pedestal for paver support engineered to provide a cost effective
solution to support raised pavers with inconsistent or uneven thickness. It provides a cavity to
conceal services, improves heat and sound insulation, and facilitates rapid surface drainage whilst
allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible. It also reduces effiorescence and algae

Z’Raiser P is a pedestal for paver support engineered to reduce material, construction and lifecycle
costs. It has height range of between 24mm and 45mm that may be increased using VP-20E and/or
VP-40E extenders.

Individual chocks adjustable independently enable compensation to allow pavers with different
thickness to rest on Z’Raiser P.

The ability of Z’Raiser P to be separated into halves or quarters, enables flush placement along wall
edges and also around or into corners.

• Minimum height of 24 mm
• Progressive 1 mm height adjustment
• Accommodates pavers of inconsistent thickness
• Supports Green Building certification
• Easy to install and lightweight
• Made from recycled plastics
• Reduces construction time
• Reusable, suitable for temporary paving or retrofitting


Additional information
Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 40 cm