Z’Panel+ is a special garden foam infused with essential nutrients designed for vertical garden
arrangement. Z’Panel+ has an ultra-lightweight at 30-35kg per m2 and thickness only at 35 mm.

Z’Panel+ comprises of 5 layers namely
1. Z’Duraboard : a basement board made of a high quality Rigid PVC Intergral with thickness of 12 mm.

2. Aqua Retarder Sheet : With the thickness of 4mm., it is a synthetic fiber sheet, which has an
excellent water retention and can retard water for Z’NutriBoard NF layer.

3. Z’Nutriboard NF: an ultra-light weight planting media infused with essential nutrients.
Z’NutriBoard NF has an excellent capacity of absorbing and retarding water at 840 g/L. It also has a
good ventilation reducing the problem of plant fungi and has neutral PH.

4. Z’Feltblack: a synthetic fiber made from Polypropylene with UV protection from nutrient damage
at Z’NutriBoard NF layer.

5. Z’Netting: a netting sheet made from HDPE on top for planting with the capacity of UV endurance
and high elasticity for use of wrapping Z’Panel+.


Additional information
Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 40 cm