Z’Web is a cellular confinement system comprising a matrix of expandable and flexible thermoplastic
strips that are ultrasonically bonded to form a strong, dimensionally stable and inert honeycombed
network of cells.

When filled with top-soil, granular gravel/sand material or concrete, it creates a three dimensional
erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads, enhances
drainage and prevents build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

Z’Web effectively controls erosion by preventing movement of infill material within the individual
cells and provides stability by acting as a counterweight on sloped areas. The structural and shear
strength is enhanced when installed in layers.

Z’Web forms an integrated structural mass that resists lateral pressure and movement. It uniformly
distributes weight-bearing loads thereby preventing infill from being forced into the substrate below
resulting in deformation and potholes.

• Cost effective long-term slope and channel protection and stabilization
• Conforms to most terrain profiles
• Easily transported and handled on-site
• Quickly dismantled for re-use

• Slope protection
• Earth retention
• Load support
• Channel protection