AquaDrainCell is designed and engineered for sub-surface drainage as well as for providing
waterproofing membrane protection and heat and sound insulation. AquaDrainCell eliminates the
use of heavy gravel aggregates for sub-surface drainage and screeds for waterproofing membrane
protection in planter boxes and roof gardens. It is applied also on retaining walls to prevent buildup
of hydrostatic pressure.


•Design Flexibility
Modules may be interlocked at right angles to form conduits or tanks or in a single plane to form
continuous large panels.

•Easy Installation
Modules are easy to join into large or long pre-assembled panels for rapid installation minimising on-
site disruption.

•Lightweight and High Strength
Honeycomb design gives the modules high compressive strength whilst remaining lightweight.

Open surface design and high volume internal void facilitates efficient drainage. A narrow module
profile provides greater soil depth in planter boxes allowing a wider variety of plants to be used.

•Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
AquaDrainCell is made from recycled plastics and support Green Label Certfication.

• Landscaped decks
• Paved areas and roadways
• Sports fields
• Retaining / basement walls
• Pond filter systems
• Bridge abutments
• Tunnels and landfills
• Golf courses
• Planter boxes


Additional information
Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 40 cm