AquaDrain 6P

AquaDrain 6P is a lightweight drainage sheet that is positioned between the structural slab and
topping screed for laying of tiles and pavers. It acts as a separation layer between the cement and
sand screed and the floor slab, creating a drainage and ventilation cavity that allows entrapped
water in the screed to escape via drainage channels and perforations in the sheet and be drained

Water and dissolved salts in the screed are thus prevented from accumulating beneath the tiles and
contributing to pressure build-up and eventual surface cracks. Dissolved salts are also prevented
from migrating to the surface via capillary action, thus minimising efflorescence.

AquaDrain 6P has evenly spaced apertures permitting flow of cement screed into them forming
plugs between the angled walls of the void frustum. These seamless studs mechanically bonds
AquaDrain 6P the cement screed resulting in increased adhesion and minimises hollowness.

• Efficient drainage under screeds
• Minimises efflorescence & algae
• Reduces surface cracks
• Protects waterproofing membrannes

• Balconies & terraces
• Swimming pool decks
• Shower areas
• Podium decks
• Patios
• Changing & wash rooms


Additional information
Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 × 40 cm