AquaDrain 30P

AquaDrain 30P water retention and drainage tray is a lightweight cost- effective system comprising a
network of cells that function to both store and drain water in landscaping applications.
Manufactured from UV-stabilized high density polyethylene, AquaDrain 30P reduces irrigation
frequency and promotes the growth of healthier plants.

The unique design of AquaDrain 30P stores water in a network of mini reservoirs but allows excess
water to be efficiently drained away. The water and soluble nutrients stored in the cells are returned
to the growing media during dry periods.

The cells in the AquaDrain 30P are interconnected by channels with perforation that allow water to
flow between the cells whilst at the same time ensuring that excess water is efficiently drained
away. under extreme conditions. The high compressive strength of AquaDrain 30P protects the
waterproofing membrane and effectively supports the weight of the growing media and plants.

• Provides efficient drainage
• Reduced irrigation frequency
• Root and rot-resistant
• High storage capacity ( 12.8 l/m² )
• Lightweight
• Recyclable

• Intensive and Extensive green roofs
• Planter boxes
• Intensive landscape roof decks
• Roadside turf