AquaShield Flagpool

AquaShield Flagpool liner is a special synthetic PVC membrane, presented in a new design, for the internal covering of swimming pools.
Its formulation and its production process have been specifically conceived to comply with the strict performance parameters dictated by The European standard EN 15836-2 in 2010.
AquaShield Flagpool is manufactured in three different versions

• Coloured version with standard finishings;
• Coloured version with special finishing varnishing;
• Printed version with special finishing varnishing;

• On new or existing swimming pools
• On any kind of support concrete, cement, walls, steel prefab panels

• High resistance to atmosphere agents and UV rays
• High resistance to micro-organisms- Bio-shield
• Very high mechanical resistance
• Insensible to hot-cold cycles
• Punching resistance
• Excellent welding power
• Resistant against normal products employed for swimming pools’ water treatment

*Swimming Pool Only